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Postby jgh » Thu Jun 08, 2017 11:01 am


Lets throw some names around!
SCOTT BINKLEY of M-40 fame was at the historic Mottville Speedway Sunday for the 2nd time in a row!
RON LAUGMAN, MARY BETH LAUGHMAN AND LEAH were spectating at Mottville Sunday!
BARRY HARRISON who last raced in 2002 was spectating at Mottville! Says in 2-3 years he might start racing fwd again!
Barry is a former MS track champion at Mottville!
A driver from Plymouth told me MARK BONERO said to say hello!
That goes back to 1990 when I used to announce at Plymouth!
Nice to be remembered that long!
Sure hope JR LONG has a very speedy recovery!
People probably do not really know just how much work he has done for the historic Mottville Speedway!
But I am so grateful for having JACK HURFORD on staff to cover our car inspections!
KERI MARTZ now back on the Mottville staff as our photographer!
For some reason I was thinking about the two tracks now no longer in existence in Ft. Wayne!
The Ft. Wayne Speedway was awesome fast but very dangerous in an era of no roll bars or safety harness!
I sure do remember eating those snow cones!
One day I spent $1 at the track and my mother cautioned me not to tell my father!
PETE ANDERSON had the concessions at the FWS.
They had sulfur water at the track and boy did it ever smell but if you were thirsty enough you drank it!
I think the last races I attended at the FWS were promoted by NUB WYSONG.
Nub was in a wheel chair after an accident in which he was changing a tire along the side of the road and another motorist hit him.
PAT WYSONG was his wife!
I know they also ran the track at DECATUR and I remember they had ham salad sandwiches at the concession which was unusual!
One of the drivers was NORB OR NORD KRAUSKOFT (spelling??) who founded (and became very rich in doing so) K AND K INSURANCE!
He even owned a NASCAR car!
My favorite story from FWS was when Norb drove in the ladies powder puff because they were short on drivers!
He was just kind of putting along and having a good time when he came out of turn 4 and saw the checkered flag being waved!
He hit the brakes big time!
When Norb drove he used the name JUMPING JOE JONES so his wife did not know he was driving!
OK one more story form FWS!
My father was an official with the NE INDIANA RACING ASSOCIATION which was formed after the FT. WAYNE RACING ASSOCIATION!
He was actually an official in both.
His job was treasurer and he ran the sign-in for the pits.
Can’t say booth because there was no booth!
Card table!
Well they had an official’s race and my mother did not want my dad driving in it!
However, I was all for it!
So he used the name CRASH DELWORTH!
My mother soon figured it out, however, and there she was to my embarrassment at the gate to the track at the start finish line screaming and shouting but to no avail!
Anyway he finished 3rd, that I remember!
BILL LIPKEY, by the way, later KOKOMO SPEEDWAY owner, was the announcer and he always told the story that on official races he went from first to last by the first turn!
Oh yes speaking of Bill.
The first races at FWS had the announcing tower in the infield.
One day a car got out of control and hit the tower and knocked it down and Bill suffered a broken leg!
It was then moved to above the grandstands!
The next to last time I saw Bill Lipkey was when he was a pall barer at my father’s funeral.
The last time I saw him was 1990 for a big WOO show at Kokomo!
Great memories from racing!
This season we have set our schedule so our specials do not come until mid-June and on because car count is always a problem in May and early June.
So we had the Memorial Day trophy night and that was it for specials prior to June 17 but they sure are coming fast and furious starting June 17!
Racing returns to the historic Mottville Speedway Sunday , June 11 with gates opening at 5 PM and racing at 6 PM.
Saturday, June 17 we have a Mottville Stock Special paying $500 two in and Sunday, June 25 a
MTC special paying $300 to win!
All 3 classes run both nights!
Both nights are sponsored by MERLE HOLDEN INSURANCE your source for auto-home-life and commercial car and truck insurance!
Then comes July and boy oh boy is our July schedule ever loaded!
July 4-Instant Cash of Three Rivers Trophy night!
July 16-Mid-season championship trophy night!
Saturday, July 22-GLS MINI CUPS!
July 30-6th Annual Larry Birk Memorial sponsored by Bullet Race cars!
After that there is only 4 dates the rest of the season which goes to the end of October that we do not have some kind of special!
I am super excited!
What about you?
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