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Postby jgh » Tue May 30, 2017 4:01 pm


We had our first double header week-end of the season this past week-end!
Sunday we were challenged with dire weather predictions!
Turns out most were wrong and it was a picture perfect 73 degrees at race time!
But to be safe we set everything ahead on hour, opening an hour later and starting an hour later!
We ran a fast program with hardly any cautions!
Just clean, fast driving!
Two racers who told us they would be there were not.
Have no idea about the one but Clay Crowner now has wiring problems in his Mottville Stock!
I feel bad for Clay as he has had nothing but problems week after week!
But we did get 3 new cars and we had 3 Hornets who actually did run!
Ed Martz raced at Mottvile for the first time this year and completely dominated the Hornets!
Nice smooth Sunday ride for Ed!
Steve Williams has had a lot of mechanical woes with the 41 MS but not Sunday!
Got the early lead and managed to just stay ahead of a hard charging Ron Laughman.
Boy, was Mr. Excitement fast!
I mean awesome fast!
He almost caught Steve once he finally cleared traffic!
When Dennis Yoder finishes 5th you know we had some very fast cars!
Chris Harman took his 3rd MTC win of the season.
Jason Harman had 2nd and Tobiace Wheeler 3rd.
Great to have Corey Birk back again!
Oh the life of a track promoter!
We have been having trouble keeping up with the weeds because of all the rain and especially on the week-ends when our mowing people are there!
As if that we not enough we now have mower problems!
We had 3 mechanical genius people working on it Sunday!
It was great to have Jeff Long back, working security!
We hope to have him back for the season in two weeks when he moves to first shift from 3rd!
JR Long was big time under the weather but was a great trooper and got it done!
Amanda Lee filled in nicely for Holly Smith.
Jack Hurford was in Florida so JR really had his work cut out for him!
Monday-was yet another beautiful evening with temps in the 70’s and a nice breeze!
This time JR Long was simply to sick to come and with Jack Hurford gone as well we were short handed in the pits but everyone pitched in and did a great job!
However, it does appear at least two drivers violated some rules and went uncaught until after the races to we will be on top of it come Sunday I assure one and all!!
This time Steve Williams started on the tail of the MS feature and cruised to the win!
Dennis Yoder in a hard fight for 2nd with Mike Kline, Curtis Towne and Dustin Williams.
2-5 really battled it out!
Major, major bummer that Ron Laughman was unable to race after breaking a cam shaft in hot laps\\\\\\\1
Had 4 MS drivers who assured me they would be there Monday but for various and assorted reasons they were not!
Season high 9 MTC and we had two heats!
Curt Daniels back after a long absence and won a heat.
Angie Cross there for the first time and was very competitive!
Rookie Tobiace Wheeler just beat Chris Harman for the win and Jason Harman was close behind!
Emily Root has made drastic improvement!
She leading laps and got 2nd in a heat and 6th in the feature!
One really nice fan sent me a message after the races saying how much he enjoyed them and that he would be back!
That is the kind of message we can not get too many of!
There was actually a Scott Binkley sighting at Mottville Monday!
As we move into June you will see more and more higher paying specials at the historic Mottville Speedway!
After 26 years of promoting I have learned that very simply it is a waste of precious resources to schedule higher paying specials before mid-June!
But Saturday, June 17 we have a Mottville Stock Special paying $500 two in and Sunday, June 25 a MTC special paying $300 to win!
Then comes July and boy oh boy is our July schedule ever loaded!
July 4-Instant Cash of Three Rivers Trophy night!
July 16-Mid-season championship trophy night!
Saturday, July 22-GLS MINI CUPS!
July 30-6th Annual Larry Birk Memorial sponsored by Bullet Race cars!
After that there is only 4 dates the rest of the season which goes to the end of October that we do not have some kind of special!
My experience over the years shows that most years we have 3 good nights to start April we tread water until July and then do good from July to the end of October!
Clay Crowder got his MS fired up but found out he had suspension problems so hopefully and finally June 4!
Chris Smith got a new engine but only 10 lbs of oil pressure so hopefully June 4 for him!
Curtis Towne told me Doug Gallandt has a new car and should be at the historic Mottville Speedway June 4 along with Curtis!
Racing returns to the historic Mottville Speedway on Sunday, June 4 with gates opening at 5 PM and racing at 6 PM!
We have decided to open at 5 since one hour before race time seems to be enough time!
I am super excited!
What about you?
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