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Around The Aspalt

By: Larry Giese

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Around The Aspalt

Postby slmlarry » Tue Sep 28, 2010 7:27 pm

Main Event XXIII is in the books and there were fireworks on and off the track.36 cars timed in and Steve Needles set fast time with a 12.911.The top 8 locked in.Heat races were won by David Carter,Trent Hellenga,and Brent Jack.Last chance race was won by Mike Stacy. Among those who failed to make the 100 were Tim Ice,Charlie Schultz,and female sensation Sloan Henderson in a old Terry Senneker car.On sunday about 10 law enforcement vechicles rushed the parking lot looking for idiot starting fights with a baseball bat and a gun.Kinda of a scary situtation considering they drove about 50 mph up and down the aisles looking for the jerk thank god they fused the situtation and know one got hurt. On track on sunday the top 8 were inverted putting Mike Luberda and Johnny VanDoorn on the front row.The race started and to me it looked as though VanDoorn pinched Luberda to get to the bottom and caused everyone to stack up and damage alot of the top 8 cars.Amoung the victims were Luberda and Ross Meeuwson.Donnie Hill,Brian Short,Brent Jack,David Carter all went to the pits with damage.The race restarted with VanDoorn and MERS point champion Jimmy Carter on the front row.This time the restart was clean with VanDoorn jumping to the lead and the damaged cars rejoining the field at the tail.VanDoorn had things in his cotrol Steve Needles never let him out of his sight and the driver blistering through the field was Donnie Hill.There was a lap 70 caution which set the tone for the finish.Needles was able to get under VanDoorn and they waged a 2 lap battle for the lead rubbing paint smoking tires and without wrecking the crowd rose to their feet and Needles was the new leader Donnie Hill Charged late but used his car up he settled for third.The top 5 were Needles,VanDoorn,Hill,Stacy and Paul Pelliter 5th.Great job by Brian Short in his second year in a super to qualify in the top 8 and finish 6th.Needles won his 2nd Main Event in 2yrs and the Gentry team has won 5 of the last 6.This race has gone to being one of the toughest to win to being dominated by the Gentry Tag cars.Jimmy Carter clinched the point championship in qualifing was running in the top 3 until he had engine trouble and finished 20.The raced started out boring but picked up steam in the second half.I just want to thank Chris Tolotty,and Columbus Motor Speedway for the hospitality and to Chris i hope to the series continue next year and we see Main Event 24.Quick shout outs to Gary,lou,Doug and Pam,Jeff Miller,Joe,Nick Carter, and my good buddy Chris Olsen.Well next up the Glass City 200 at Toledo See ya around the asphalt.
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