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Around The Asphalt 6-3-10

By: Larry Giese

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Around The Asphalt 6-3-10

Postby slmlarry » Thu Jun 03, 2010 7:23 pm

Last Saturday my dad and I traveled to Midvale Speedway for race 2 of the MERS series and with 26 super late models on hand Gary Whipkey set fast time with 13.825.The roll of the dice was a 8 which inverted the top 8 and put MERS regulars Doug Sommers and Scott Baker on the front row.The race was a 75 lap grind and Whipkey made the winning pass on Doug Sommers on lap 22 and was never really challenged over the final 53 laps and held on to win his 1st race of the year.Whipkey indicated he was going to run part time this year which was surprising since he and Rich Rorher,and Tim Ice have been the face of the series since it started about 16 yrs ago.Surprised by there absensce were Rich Rorher and John Crumrine.Harold Fair Jr made his first visit to Midvale ever.It'll be interesting where Harold will end up June 26th with the MERS series at Columbus and the Stan Yee Memorial at Flat Rock paying some big money with alot of heavy hitters entering.I want to thank the MERS series,Adam Mackey and the Midvale Speedway for there hospitality. The series shifts to Kilkare tomorrow for a 100 lap 2500 to win race in Xenia,oh.Now i turn my attention to Plymouth for the Jim Blount Memorial which was run last sunday.I didn't go thought about it but glad i didn't,almost 3 hrs for a 100 lap race that' s unexceptable.Not only at Plymouth but both MERS races have been cautioned plagued events.These races have turned into marathon events.The bashing of the Great Lakes Series i have read all the blogs about the bad press they have been recieving but it is a new series there will be growing pains i hope some of the drivers can give this series a 2nd chance because they have a great race planned for next thursday the Stan Perry Memorial paying over 10,000 to win alot of heavy hitters entered.Lets all calm down take a deep breath and make the Stan Perry race the race of the year again with a packed grandstand,nice weather, and a great race.How about Berlin on June 15th wow 38 pre-entered including outsiders from every where Kyle Busch the headliner how about Ross Kenseth,Ryan Blaney,Chase Elliot,Jeff Fultz,David Stremme,Rich Bickle,Joey Miller,and Robbie Pyle to name a few.Thats a great field and should be a helluva show.That's all for now see ya around the asphalt at Angola thursday and Dixie friday :flag: :flag:
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Re: Around The Asphalt 6-3-10

Postby jvanderr » Wed Jun 09, 2010 10:22 am

Hey Larry if you get this before Thursday stop down and see me and the rest of Kuglers Krew in the motorhome by turn 1 at Angola. I enjoy reading your posts and it would be great to meet and talk with you. Must say I totally agree with your take on the Plymouth race. I was there and the "racing" was good, just too many cautions. Hope to see you Thursday.
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