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Around The Asphalt 9-18

By: Larry Giese

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Around The Asphalt 9-18

Postby slmlarry » Thu Sep 18, 2008 6:29 pm

Well the Boyne at Berlin was a half success with all the qualifing and the prelims getting in on friday.Tom Thomas set fast time for the cra series with Aaron Pierce winning the last chance race over a Berlin legend Fred Campbell and Talmedge,oh vetern Scott Baker making the race through the last chance race.35 cra cars timed in.In the outlaw Late Models there were only 26 cars on hand the only out of towners that showed up were Scott Hantz,John Long,Chad Finley,Phil Bozell,and Dave Sensiba if you want to consider him a outsider.Mike Blackmer could offer 5,000 to win for the out of towners and for some reason Berlin doesn't draw the out of towners like some other tracks.Setting fast time was Terry VanHaitsma the invert was 7 which put Terry Senneker and Caleb Bisackey on the front row.Senneker started up front and stayed ,there were late challenges by Tim Devos and Tom Thomas late but Senneker held on for the win over Thomas,Devos,Ross Meeuwsen,and Brian Maxim.Scott Hantz did the best of the out of towners with a 8th place finish.Brian Bergaker who dominated at Kazoo all year continued his domination with a win in the USA Modified race 40 lapper on Friday.The make up portion of the event incuding the 10,000 to win cra race,the 5,000 to win outlaw race,and the usa modified race will be saturday oct 18th.There was alot of rain in the area and they were lucky to get the friday portion in and made the decision on saturday to cancel early.It was good seeing Monroe Lou,Mike and Kim Williams,and Danny,Sue and the Grand Rapids gang.I got to give it to my pal Danny he just got out of the hospital on friday was told to relax and he ended up going to the races know thats toughing it out i hope your feeling better Dan.Well this week the year end specials continue with the Glass City 150(formerly 200).This race started in 1968 with the legend Joy Fair winning the 1st race.Other winners included Joe Ruttman twice,the blue bird Bob Senneker 3 times,the late John Anderson in 1974 the late Jim Bickerstaff in 1975,and Ed Cooper in 1976.The race went dormant for 23 years until it was reborn with Ron Drager and ARCA IN 1999.There were new names and in 1999 the bridge was connected from the old to the new.Tim Felver won in 99,in 2000 vetern Tim Ice won when teammates Felver and Hanley collided late in the race.It didn,t matter in 2001 Hanley won ,in 2002 a streak started that has been unmatched as vetern Saginaw,mi racer Steve Sauve won 3 in a row.The 2005 event saw Sauve 's streak came to a end with John Doering Jr winning in a rain shortend 100 .In 2006 Edgerton,oh vetern Jack Landis won.This race was also remembered for the fight which was on all the news outlets with Micheal Simko jumping through Don St Denis windshield.In 2007 2nd generation star Brian Campbell dominated and won his 1st Glass City race.This year there are alot of contenders with the pre-entries former winners Brian Campbell,Steve Sauve,JohnDoering Jr.Also Harold Fair Sr and Jr,Dave Kuhlman,Brian Keselowski,Jake Francis,Mike Luberda,Brent Jack,Joe Bush,and my dark horse pick Mike Root.The favorites are Fair Jr and Kuhlman but both drivers have been snake bitten over the years could one of them finally get it done we will see.Next week we are going to do a preview of the Main Event well on Saturday will be at Toledo for the Glass City see around the asphalt
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