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rules and track workers

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rules and track workers

Postby rockenrod » Tue May 22, 2012 8:42 pm

we have been at some race tracks this year and have been on the side of a call that was made to get dqed we maned up and took are deal.didnt like it by no means but hay thats the rule.we are at the same track a couple weeks later and we seen the same thing go down in are feature race and we said whats the call two cars dont go to tech out of the top three we show up because thats what was said in the drivers meeting every week.and none of the other two cars get dqed no one seen it and wants to make this call wow we are pisted off and the track cant figerout way we cant get very many cars in none of are classes have rules one week and the next week none .and it dont stop there we go to pay off and are pay is wrong and this is done with a scoreing computer print out.and they screw it up to and when you say something about it they get pisted off.this is good isnt it some good stuff here i know they have a lot of new people working there and by know means do i think any one can make a mistake but every week.if you did this at your 40 hour job would you still be working there .i hope not friend or family.we know that racing is just for fun and we try and take it with a grain of salt but someone said to me way not go race some where else we do been to a couple other race tracks this after 30 plus years in racing after this season is over we are calling it quits getting out of it know more bs at no tracks they can have there bs and eat it to.
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Re: rules and track workers

Postby jgh » Tue May 22, 2012 10:32 pm

Still wish you would reconsider!
You will find fishing is not all its cracked up to be either!
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