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Tom Thomas and Ross Meeuwsen each get a win

Marne, Michigan

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Tom Thomas and Ross Meeuwsen each get a win

Postby Carl Smith » Sun Jun 30, 2013 2:48 pm

Tom Thomas and Ross Meeuwsen each get a win in Super Lates Brian Thome visits victory lane for the first time; Kevin DeGood and Seth VanHorssen notch second wins

Marne, MI - It was a packed night of racing at Berlin and after a passing shower in the afternoon, the rain moved out and an exciting night of racing followed. The night got started with the continuation of the Budweiser Super Late Model feature from June 1. The #20 of Brian Campbell was the leader and #12 Tim DeVos was in second and the field had 56 laps to complete. It was the #99 of Ross Meeuwsen who went on to win that race.

The Model Coverall Modifieds 25-lap feature was up next with #7 Ryan Hamm and #88 Tony Davis on the front row. Before a lap was completed, the caution was out due to a spin by the #48 of Brandon Wright. Hamm too off with the lead and Davis was trying his all to hold off #22 Billy Shotko and #978 Kevin DeGood. The both drove past him and the two of them were fighting for second. DeGood cleared Shotko and took off after Hamm. Within a few laps, DeGood pulled his machine to the inside of Hamm and took the lead on lap 12. Just one lap later, the caution was back out when Davis spun on the backstretch. Just as the field took the green flag, the yellow was shown again when #21 Cal Castle and #68 Randy DeBoer spun between turns 1 and 2. The modifieds had some trouble getting restarted as the caution was out again just after the field took the green. This time, #76 Ryan Gruppen and #29 Rob Shoemaker spun between turns 1 and 2 and Castle went off of the backstretch. The remainder of the restarts would be single-file and the time limit had been met, so the next flag would end the race. The restart was successful and while DeGood was leading, it was Shotko on the move, challenging Hamm for second. They were able to make it to the finish without incident and DeGood got his second win in a row. Hamm came in second and the rest of the top ten were Shotko, #8 Billy Eppink, #66 Adam Chase, #16 Kris Fewless, #7 Dennis Mann, DeBoer, Davis and Shoemaker.

It was the #89 of Kirk Meissner and #26 Brian Thome leading the field to the green flag of the Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman 25-lap feature. Just as the green flag was displayed, the caution quickly followed when #89 Kirk Meissner spun. The field was reset and they tried again for to get the race started. Thome was gaining on Meissner lap by lap and behind him, there were six cars in a tight pack racing hard. Lap 6 saw a change for the lead when Thome passed Meissner and began to drive away from the field. Just behind them, the #15 of Scott Root was weaving his way through the field battling #23 Andrew MacIntosh for third and #33 Allen Davis was close behind. Root and MacIntosh spent several laps side by side and Root was finally able to clear him on lap 15. Meissner was next on Root's hit list and took second on lap 17. There were just 8 laps to go and Thome's lead over Root was 1.7 seconds. No one had anything for Thome; he went on to get his first career win. The rest of the top ten were Root, Davis, MacIntosh, #40 Dave Cutler, #20 Tyler Nawrocki, #77 Gerry Shepard, #9 Tyler Sterken, #1 Randy Veldman and Meissner.

Up next was the Burnips Equipment 4-Cylinders, #2 Ryan Holtzlander was on the pole with #10 Dave Duyst on his outside. It was #17 Seth VanHorssen who grabbed the lead once the field completed a lap and #14 Jason Essex was trying to chase him down. Charging through the field was #18 Cole Roelofs and #89 Sierra Lantz; Lantz was able to make a power move, passing both Roelofs and Duyst taking third with five to go. While VanHorssen had over a three-second lead, the Lantz took second from Essex and with just two laps to go, she had a lot of ground to make up. VanHorssen was in heavy traffic, but there just wasn't enough time to catch up. VanHorssen took the win, Lantz got second and the rest of the top ten were Essex, #9 Zach Clark, Duyst, #72 Steven VanHorssen, #63 Paul Ritchie, R. Holtzlander, #27 Rikki VanHorssen and #7 Jackson Walker.

The Budweiser Super Late Models had their second feature of the night, #51 Justin Ryan and #99 Ross Meeuwsen were on the front row of the 75-lap feature. Ryan continued in position 1 with Meeuwsen in second; behind them, #82 Tom Thomas and #12 Tim DeVos continued their battle from the first feature, racing side by side for third. The first caution was out on lap 4 for the #$ of Jon Beach who spun in turn 2. It was Meeuwsen to the point after the restart and DeVos zipped around Ryan on the outside taking second. Ryan got shuffled back to fifth as #23 Chris Koslek and Thomas both advanced their positions. Both Koslek and Thomas caught up to DeVos on lap 17; Koslek was on the inside while DeVos was strong on the outside. Just as DeVos had caught up to Meeuwsen, the caution was out when #121 Tim Greene spun on the frontstretch on lap 21. The single-file restarts always make things interesting; Meeuwsen and DeVos were battling hard for the lead and on lap 23, DeVos spun on backstretch bringing out the third caution. Just as the field took the green flag to get restated, the caution came back out for an incident involving the #20 of Brian Campbell and #77 Josh Hobson. Once again, the yellow was back out before the race was restarted, this time the #27 of Ken Wobma spun on the backstretch. Meeuwsen took off with the lead and just a few laps later, it appeared the something broke on Ryan's car when it snapped loose and he spun in turn three on lap 24. Both Thomas and Meeuwsen got great restarts and the continued to run 1-2 After spinning back on lap 23, DeVos had made his way back through the field and on lap 31, he was challenging #55 Dave Lake for fifth, still using the outside. Thomas was giving it all he had to rattle Meeuwsen and while he would be able to get to his bumper, Meeuwsen would be able to pull away again. On lap 47, Thomas gave Meeuwsen a tap heading in to turn three and that moved Meeuwsen up the track just enough for Thomas to make the pass. Lap 53 saw the next caution of the race when Wobma and Greene got tangled up between turns 3 and 4. Thomas got a good restart and quickly cleared Meeuwsen, but with each passing lap, Meeuwsen was gaining ground and working his way up to Thomas' bumper. With 7 laps to go, the battle for third was heating up, Campbell and DeVos were side by side a handful of laps before Campbell was able to clear him. Meanwhile, Thomas shook off Meeuwsen and had extended his lead to just over 1 second. Thomas took home the trophy and the rest of the top ten were Meeuwsen, Campbell, DeVos, Koslek, Lake, Anthony, #222 Caleb Bisacky, #48 Seth Moody and #32 Gabe Ensing.

Next Saturday, July 6 is Stars & Stripes Night! It's also the 2nd Annual Lee Anderson Memorial featuring the Port City Racecars Outlaw Late Models. They will be joined by the Engine Pro Super Stocks, Enterprise Iron & Metal Sportsman and the Napa Filters Racing VROA Modifieds. Get there early to enjoy $1 beer and $1 hot dogs and be sure to stick around after the races for the fireworks show! Tickets are $12 for adults 18+, $8 for students 12-17, $5 for kids 8-11 and children 7 and under get in for free; racing starts at 7:00 p.m.

Camping is available on site all season long as well as the Battle at Berlin race weekend. There are limited spaces for electrical and water so act fast as camping spots are first come, first served.

More information on Berlin Raceway's 63rd season can be found at
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