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Tony Talks Part 2 7-21-11

By: Tony Eldridge

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Tony Talks Part 2 7-21-11

Postby Carl Smith » Thu Jul 21, 2011 11:19 pm

By: Tony Eldridge

Well as this wild and hot week continues a lot has shaken up the racing world right here in our backyards. So lets not talk about it in a way every racer, fan, track employees, and business owner can understand. I never went to Galesburg sad to say and as one track employees from a local track has stated maybe its not my job to write press releases about tracks I do not work for. So I will begin with explaining a few personal things. First I do write about tracks to get people talking. The more times people hear a good thing about a track the better and free advertising is priceless.

I do work for New Paris Speedway and have for going on 6 years now. Yes it is my home I have been going there for 26 years and love the place. It is far from perfect and yes there a lot cleaner tracks but its home and to each there own. I however love one thing more than the New Paris Speedway and it is short track racing. Am I always happy the way things happen in our sport NO. But do I say my peace and get right back at it YES.

In 2010 I went to 16 short tracks in 3 states and in 2011 I have been to ten in 3 states. I promote every track no matter who owns it or runs it. I went to car shows to promote tracks that I did not go to and handed out flyers for them. I try to get new fans to the track not just the track I work for but all tracks.

This week we all have seen face book and the very harsh comments from some about Galesburg and here it is folks the bottom line. When a track closes we ALL and I mean ALL pay. Galesburg had track sponsors, cars who had sponsors and fans who loved the place. Now in the middle of the year those fans have to find some place else. They went to Galesburg to watch the group of cars that they love. Now those cars will sit in a grange or on a trailer or shuffle to 3 or more tracks and the fans think this is not worth it I will stay home to. So we just lost fans for the sport of short track racing. Wether its a fan or 500 we lost people.

As for sponsors .... you put them on your car load up and go to Galesburg to try to get new customers into those sponsors. Now in the middle of the season you have to go race else where or not race. Same for track sponsors. Well folks what happens when you go back to that sponsor next year? Do you really think and company can afford to spend money with no return now a days?

I do not know the Warning family but as a track employee can tell you that we make very little money and we do it for the love of the sport. Getting cussed out , called names, and yelled at every night is in no way fun but someone has to do it. I know what I read and know we ALL make mistakes but the direct slander and gossip is killing all of us. I read it and think wow I would not give those folks saying this stuff a dime. I do sponsor cars and would drop anyone who talked like some of us are doing on here. I get mad and want to go off and tell the world what I think of tracks trust me I do. Then I think well when that track is gone where will I go.

As you can see and think about right here in your backyard we have a lot of tracks loosing money each time they open the gate. So next year if we loose more tracks where are we going to go? Its up to me you and the track you hate. We have to go , tell people to go and get new people to go if we do not we will not have short track racing and I for one have a 9 year old that loves this sport more than me . I want tracks to be open in the years to come so he can take his kids.

So do me a favor go back over to face book get rid of the cuss words and the fights about who is at fault and post about ANY race track . Post what they race when and where and for once lets stop trashing each other and other tracks. Its getting old folks and when they are gone we all get to read what we should have done to keep them open. Even if its not your favorite track then just don't complain about it. If one person reads the bad it reaches 100s when one person reads the good it reaches few.

So instead of complaining the track rained out or closed due to heat go to a different track and enjoy some good hard racing. Tomorrow you have Plymouth and Spartan and others. Saturday Spring Port KZOO New Paris South Bend so pick one grab a friend and go racing. Look for the good all night long and lets talk about it.

Only people who hurt short track racing are the short track racers so lets change that this week and give people on the outside a reason to come check us out. GOOD LUCK TO EVERY DRIVER AND TRACK ALL WEEKEND and lets have some fun folks you only live once and doing it on the dark side is no fun.

Until next time race fans we will see you at the races !!!! (Jerry Cannon)
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Carl Smith
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Re: Tony Talks Part 2 7-21-11

Postby Pitstop » Fri Jul 22, 2011 10:38 am

Really liked the article, Jerry. This advice could have been used about 3 or 4 years ago here in South Bend. I'm sick to death of hearing the bashing that still continues somewhat today. Things change, life goes on.
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Re: Tony Talks Part 2 7-21-11

Postby corky9 » Fri Jul 22, 2011 3:27 pm

It is good. We should all talk decent about our local tracks and be thankful they are still here. But everybody should follow this advice, even the ones that give it. I remember a very recent article written about Mottvilles bad choice of tires publically on a forum ect. I dont think we should be doing this, it does not help but hurts what we are trying to do. The moral here is if your personal belief goes against what we are trying to do then dont post it public. There are many ways to discuss you personal feelings with the party involved. So please pick a side and dont harm the tracks, drivers or other people that are involved. Thanks
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Re: Tony Talks Part 2 7-21-11

Postby tony.eldridge » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:18 pm

Corky it would be one thing if I just trashed the track and never went back how ever this is not the case. I think freedom of speech is great you can disagree with anything is short tracks but to bash or slam is what this was talking about. A public forum is for this friendly talk about what we like and dont like not the swear words or trash talk. I dis agree with a lot and I speak how I feel BUT I go back to those places and help them get cars just the same ... I think you need to keep that in mind ! Oh lol I forot to add it sure hurt Merle as he had a great car count this week in the minis. Talking about things in a civil manner is free advertisement for a race track !!!

Tony Eldridge
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Re: Tony Talks Part 2 7-21-11

Postby Bobby11 » Mon Jul 25, 2011 10:49 pm

Have to agree with ya on this one Tony. Everybody has there own opinions on this stuff and it does not hurt to let them out to be talked about. And Tony has been there even went they were not racing if you remember Corky they were both sitten in the stands watchin a few weeks ago!
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