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Tony Talks 8/23/11

By: Tony Eldridge

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Tony Talks 8/23/11

Postby Carl Smith » Tue Aug 23, 2011 1:48 pm

By: Tony Eldridge

TO BEGIN WITH this article in no way represents a track or organization. The views expressed are solely the views of the author. With that said you better sit back and hold on tight because Tony Talks is full throttle right now...........

I am going to start with respect here. I work for a TV show and a race track how ever my personal face book page and cell phone are mine. Do you know how frustrating it is to get crappy voicemail or comments on your page in regards to something that happened on the track. The text messages cussing you out are always good to. I am the last person to leave the track for a reason as I will be glad to listen to everyone in person instead of being behind a key board or cell phone. I remind you I have a life and a son and a job too and leave it all at the track so I can enjoy my week.

With that being said I will go to my next point. The past two weeks have been horrible on short track racing. Not car counts or even fans counts but plain out complainers who are never happy with anything. Every track has a Facebook and keeps a watchful eye on it as do I on every ones page. EACH TRACK has had tons of comments this summer regarding bad calls, favoritism, and so on. EVERY TRACK in the past week or two has had it . So as you sit and put down this track and brag about this other perfect track go read a little about what others think and you will see every track will have the same issues. Now is favoritism really happening let me tell you the easiest way to find out is to get a $99 scanner from Walmart and go to and hit up scanner mac. He will give you every race tracks radio code and you can listen to everything being said at your local track from who makes the call to the jokes on the radio to keep everyone calm during the night. Each track is ran by humans who make mistakes and have issues. We try to do our best and be fair. I have never heard an official say they do not like someone so lets screw them. The bad talk and calling people idiots and other names really makes the people saying it look dumb and hurts the tracks as it gets blown way up and people think that the issue is way worse than what it is. So keep that in mind next time you have bad things to say........ on the good side of all this talk WOW every tracks face book as of today has plenty of good things or people defending the bad comments which is a huge turn around. It is really amazing to see short trackers coming together and letting the nay sayers know this is not what they want at the track they go to!!!! You have got to love that and thanks for doing it.

Friday night I was asked to work down at M 40 again and had a blast like always but boy was I wore out. I have been fighting a cold for a week and it took its tole on me. Nice car count and decent crowd made for some smiles from Kevin and Tonia which was good to see. Austin Maynard looked sporty in the FWD as he posted third quick had to send him a shoot out !!! Josh Coburn won the pure stock main using the outside line to the front . Ron his Uncle came to get his picture taken and I told him I needed to see him here next and sure enough he held off Jeff Ganus who was driving the $55 Lee Slaton machine for the win. Coburns are good people and was nice to see Ron win again. I AM REALLY PROUD of KC Foote. He is racing one of the oldest cars around and held off some good cars to win the pro stock main. Lenaord won the FWD main.

Speaking of M 40 this WED night they have the 150 Big Gun Shoot Out for the Super Late Models as well as the pure stock invite !!!! They go racing at 7:30 pm and everyone should come watch this action packed day. Last year Mike Root picked up the win and Josh Coburn picked up the pure stock win who will it be this year?? Tomorrow we will find out !!! SEE YOU THERE !!!

Saturday it was a rian filled day but we did get to race. I thank Mike Tutino for that as I sent someone to Old Time Pizza lol !!!! As we had pizza and a lot of laughs it was neat to see the mix of drivers sitting around talking. One trailer had mini stock guys, street stocks guys, and even late model guys telling stories and jokes. Always neat to see it doesn't matter who you are or how much money you have at NPS your just like everyone else ! Bobby Schisler won the late models and street stocks for his first win of the year in each class making it 10 different street stock winners and 12 different late model winners. Eric Frazier won his third mini stock feature of the year and Bryon Kiser won his third in pure stocks. Good night for the Russell Racers as they won all 4 A mains. My boy James Irish and catching on fire Monday and having a bad start to his week rebounded nicely as he held his own in the street stock B main so kudos to him for all the work he and his parents as well as Justin Graber and Scott Frost have done to his car ! Funny story time I get a phone call around 3 from Mike Miller saying to let him know what we are doing as he wants to go ride go karts. Well shortly after I get a text and they left to go to Angola to ride. Around oh 4ish the phone rings again and its Mike saying they are turned around and headed back to the track. The group was 5 minutes from the go kart track when his dad called and said we were drying the track. EPIC !!! Sorry Mike I had to tell it it made my day ! I told you not to go with out me !!!!

Sunday I pushed hard for cars to go to Mottville and 23 showed up which is awesome !!! Newman won the mini stock main. Steve Woods won the street stock dash, heat, and feature. Austin Maynard won the FWD dash, heat , and feature !!!! Great racing all day and Sunday is the Larry Birk Memorial. I am pushing for 40 cars to honor Larry and his family and Merle has trophies for the dash and heat winners and top 5 in the features. So we need your help make plans now to come race Sunday for Larry and his family !!!! Its fun and we have a lot of laughs and jokes there too !!! My friend Eric Williams the E Break Maniac will make his racing debut and he is so nervous its awesome !!!

Well I hope after reading me vent you get the point that life is short and you never know when its your turn to go. We all have plenty we could complain about and say about every track and heck everything in life but take time to be thankful we have a track, a job, a life and enjoy it. Soon it will be gone and you do not want to be the person sitting there wondering why!

Jerry Cannon says it best ............ Until next time race fans we will see you at the races !!!!
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