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Tony Tslkd April 26th

By: Tony Eldridge

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Tony Tslkd April 26th

Postby tony.eldridge » Sun Apr 26, 2015 11:36 am

What a winter we had. I for one am ready for warm weather and hot racing.

I have to start by saying Carl I miss the hell out of you. I can not even walk in the white tent at SBMS as it makes me so sad to not see you. I know you live on in our hearts and watch over us. They man was great. Walking around the car show was as heart breaking. I know he is better off just like to take time to remember him. LOL that is why I am writing. He loved my articles and would always ask me to write more.

So far this winter I have taken in some great racing. The indoor show in Battle Creek was very well ran and organized. I was impressed. Also it was nice of Matt to give a few shout outs to SBMS for me during the events. It was exciting to see so many young fans race during the event and truly gives hope to this sport. I have to say my favorite up and coming super star is Race Bible I mean the kid has the coolest name ever right.

I also took part in watching the bean field race. Devin Danley gave me the low down and what happens is you take demo derby beater type cars to a field and race and crash. It was pretty insane. Dirty D made his debut and it was a lot of fun to see the true meaning of the sport.... not crashing but guys laughing and having fun.

On my trip to New York I stopped by a track outside of Niagara Falls. Looked pretty cool would not mind going back for a show. They are a Friday night track and it is dirt.

Next on my adventures was the Historic Mottville Speedway. I know a lot of people have nothing good to say about the track but for me its fun and the hospitality from Merle and Judith is second to none. 13 cars made the call for an early April race date and it was a lot of passing and 3 wide racing. Any chance I get I head over to the track to see some racing. Here is bit of interest. I actually won a championship from the place in 2003. I won a few races that year and have a ton of trophies. It was a lot of fun.

Next up I took the trip to Baer Field to see Dave Muzzilo and to see what was going on. A packed house was great to see and some awesome racing. Dave was great and friendly and welcomed me to his place. I truly appreciate traveling around and promoters letting me on the guest list. Shows the mutual respect we have for each other. The track was very clean and well prepared. I saw some old faces and talked to folks I do not see a lot. All in all a great trip and I look forward to returning.

SBMS hosted one of the largest demos in a long time. Crowd was standing room only and the announcer had to ask folks to sit closer to make room. That is a dream for tracks to have to do. Great action and a lot of fun. As the Operations Manager I learned a lot and have plans to make the next event a lot better. It is a live and learn sport and it was the first time for me running a demo. I do have a great staff and Steve and Jen are by far the best to work for. We have a lot planned this year. I look forward to making it a great season. Check out the FB and web site to find out all the changes and big events this year.
A couple neat changes FREE pictures for all . Jay Freet is our track photographer. He takes 100's of pictures and will post them online for free. You can print them share them use them all for free. Its our way of giving back to the fans. We have also moved victory lane to behind the grandstands to allow fans to meet the winning drivers. A lot more going on as well. Its all about saying THANK YOU this year.

Last night I took in a dirt show. I ventured up to the Crystal Motor Speedway. Again super hospitality and super friendly staff. I was very impressed. Racing action was amazing 130 cars on hand and for the cold the place was packed. Good call to race by Ron Flinn for sure. I will head back up when it is warmer. Sitting in turn 1 with a group from Kzoo was cool Dirt flying all night. If you have not been check it out.

A lot more plans to travel but being a Social Worker and on call slows down some of the travel. I will make time to check out a few new places this year for sure.

All I ask is go to any track you would like find something you enjoyed and share it with your friends. We all know the sport is in trouble so lets do our part when we can. I look forward to seeing you all as I travel. Also remember in a blink of an eye life can change so love deeply and make time for those who matter.

Until next time race fans I will see you at the races.
Tony Eldridge
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