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HOSS SPRINTS at Baer Field

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HOSS SPRINTS at Baer Field

Postby Carl Smith » Mon Sep 21, 2009 11:50 am

By: Ron Verash

Saturday, we were off to Baer Field for the HOSS Sprints, This was going to be Hank Lower's final race at Baer Field, and I wanted to be there for that. Hank has been racing for 51 years, with 50 as a car owner. A great competitor, and an even better friend, Hank has one of the better fan bases in all racing. To commemerate the night, I made up a Hank Lower photo frame, with several pictures of Hank through the years, and it was a fan giveaway. Over 200 entries were submitted, and the winner was Teresa Newman. After the feature, Scott did an interview with Hank, and I had him later autograph the frame, and get a photo of him and Teresa. That was a pretty cool deal.

To the show, 25 Sprinters pulled in, with Chris Jaggar and Sam Davis scratched for the night. The feature was a 9 inversion, putting Jerry Caryer and Hank Lower on the front row. Caryer had rear end problems, including his heat race, and the feature was the same, as he pulled out on lap 1. Hank took the lead, with HOSS Rookie of the year {3rd in points}, Chris Neuenschwander on his tail. John Witter pulled out early, as Lower was on a rail. Coming up through the pack was Geoff Kaiser. Geoff moved up to second, and was giving Lower heavy pressure. After moving to the top 8, Angola winner Dorman Snyder pulls of, getting an 18th, and a lap or two later Neuenschwander pulls out, and is credited with a 17th. Starting 9th, Tim Cox has been methodically moving to the front, passing Jimmy McCune, Sondi Eden, and Cory Setser. Near halfway, Kaiser out drags Lower to grab the lead, and Cox takes the spot from Lower. Kaiser leads a few laps, but Cox is too strong, and wins his 4th Feature at Baer Field this year. Tim also took the points Championship. Kaiser holds on to 2nd, over Lower, Eden, Jason Cox, Doug Stempke from 17th, Setser, Joe Swanson, McCune { second in points}, and Ron Koehler {5th in points}. A great race was the battle with Stempke and Cox. Twice they split passing a car for position out of turn two, Doug low, and Jason high. Greg Wheeler ended up 4th in points. Team Koehler ended up with the cars that finished 3rd, 4th, and 5th in points. Quite an accomplishment. Quite an accomplishment for Greg and Chris to put up with Koehler all year. HOS has added a race, that being the first Saturday in October at the Winchester Speedway. They will be replacing the USAC Midgets, who have been having a year with low car counts. They will race Saturday, with the USAC Sprints running Sunday. Go to the HOSS Racing website for more info.
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