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Pierce Wins HOSS Feature @ Salem Speedway

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Pierce Wins HOSS Feature @ Salem Speedway

Postby Carl Smith » Mon May 19, 2008 10:46 am

The Hoosier Outlaw Sprint Series opening night of race action was at the high banks of Salem Speedway. Aaron Pierce started the evening off by being fast qualifier and on turn three took the lead in his heat, which he followed that by coming from the third row to the front by the fourth lap in the feature to take the win. He was followed by Kevin Feeny, Geoff Kaiser, Ryan Myers and Jerry Caryer for the top five.

In heat action the first heat was won by Pierce, followed by Greg Wheeler, Ryan Myers, Tom Geren, Sam Davis, Jim Payne, and Tom Paterson. Heat two was won by Feeny who came from last to first on lap 2, then Kaiser, Ron Koehler, Jerry Caryer, John Witter, and Jim Dolph. Bad luck in hot laps kept Kris Leming and Matt Rademaker from finishing out the night.

The feature event was lined up with Ryan Myers and Geoff Kaiser on the front row. As they came to the start Myers took the point followed by Kaiser, Feeny, and Pierce. Pierce worked his way to the front to take the lead on lap 4. Feeny made his way around Kaiser and Myers to take second place.

Qualifying-1. 81-Aaron Pierce 15.433; 2. 98-Kevin Feeny; 3. 7-Greg Wheeler; 4. 71K-Geoff Kaiser; 5. 56R-Ryan Myers; 6. 75C-Jerry Caryer; 7. 43-Sam Davis, 8. 28-John Witter, 9. 11G- Tom Geren; 10. 10D-Jim Dolph; 11. 100-Tom Paterson; 12. 10-Ron Koehler, 13. 10B-Jim Payne, 14. 9-Kris Leming; 15. 23-Matt Rademaker

Heat 1-1. 81-Pierce, 2. 7-Wheeler, 3. 56R-Myers, 4. 11g-Geren, 5. 43-Davis, 6. 10b-Payne, 7. 100-Paterson
Heat2-1.98-Feeny, 2. 71K-Kaiser, 3. 10-Koehler, 4. 75c-Caryer, 5. 28-Witter, 6.10D-Dolph
Feature-1. 81-Pierce, 2. 98-Feeny, 3. 71K-Kaiser, 4. 56R-Myers, 5. 75c-Caryer, 6. 10-Koehler, 7. 11g-Geren, 8. 7-Wheeler, 9. 43-Davis, 10. 100-Paterson, 11. 28-Witter, 12. 10b-Payne, 13. 10d-Dolph, 14. 9-Leming, 15. 23-Rademaker
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